How do you piss off most of the people near the Jenison/Georgetown/Hudsonville area?  Close down a major road in their area for roadwork then quit working on the project.

That’s exactly what’s happening along Cottonwood Drive between Baldwin Street and Bauer Road.  The project to reconstruct the roadway started as far back as February with Ottawa Co Road Commission shutting the road down in July for rebuilding and repaving.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the road commission is now saying the repaving of the Cottonwood Drive won’t happen until spring.

Ottawa County Road Commission released this statement:

Unfortunately, due to the impact of the labor dispute between the Michigan Transportation and Infrastructure Association and the Operating Engineer’s Local 324 earlier this year, as well as the onset of the winter weather, work on completing the paving of Cottonwood Drive will not be finished this year.

Contractors have laid the base for the new road, barriers rearranged and  temporary lane markings have been laid to increase traffic flow for the local traffic that will continue to use the unfinished road.

I went through a month of resurfacing in my neighborhood and wanted to kill pretty much everyone, I can’t imagine having to avoid an area that isn’t even being worked on.

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