I’m always wary of having to put in my debit code at a gas pump because of stories like this one.

Kent County Sheriff’s department says a credit card skimmer on a gas pump at the Mobil gas station on 76th Street near 131 was found by the gas station owner, according to WOOD TV8.

The station is owned by J&H Oil and WOOD TV8 reports that an employee found the skimmer while doing a routine check of the pumps.

Police say if you’ve used that gas station in the last couple of weeks, to check your bank account for erroneous charges.  If you find that you’ve been a victim, call your bank/credit card company and also the Kent Co. Sherriff at (616) 632-6100

WOOD TV8 put out a few pieces of safety advice, such as the skimmers are usually found on the pumps furthest from the store (it’s easier to not be spotted by employees while installing), so use a pump closer to the front door and a lot of gas pumps now have a piece of security tape around the door frame that says VOID or TAMPERED when it’s been pulled away from the pump.  They remind you if you see that, to let gas station employees know right away.


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