After a weekend of dangerous lake conditions, things aren’t looking so great for Monday either, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service is discouraging any swimming in Lake Michigan south of South Haven and has issued a Dangerous Conditions alert for Lake Michigan shoreline north of South Haven.

Not only are they warning about dangerous currents and large waves making swimming unsafe, they also warn about the waves washing people off the piers into the lake as well, which is why they ended their tweet Sunday with message to think about rescheduling your beach day or traveling to a safer area of the lake if you have beach plans Monday.

ClickonDetroit reported on Sunday that drownings on Lake Michigan are up 80% over last year.

Please take the warnings and advisories serious, the fact we’ve had 27 drownings this year alone proves the currents are dangerous in the lake.  It’s more like an ocean than some people give it credit.

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