A data protection and technology logistics company based in Cleveland is planning to open a location in southeast Grand Rapids next year.

MiBiz reports that MCPc Inc is the future tenant at 1601 Madison Ave. SE. They plan to hire about 100 employees.

MCPc has an existing Grand Rapids-area location on Gezon Parkway in Wyoming.

At the new location, Rockford Construction is demolishing the former manufacturing building at the site later this month and construction will begin this summer. The building was once home to Dexter Lock, which according to the New York Times, shut down in 1982.

According to MiBiz, Rockford Construction and Amplify GR, an organization aimed at community growth, were awarded about $2.2 million in tax incentives in January to redevelop the site.

Danielle Williams, Amplify GR’s director of economic development said in a statement,

MCPc is a great addition to Madison Square’s business district, and we believe its presence will further mobilize the local economy. When we were identifying potential partners, we brought forth several requirements for future tenants based on our continued conversations with members of the local neighborhood. It was an easy decision to select MCPc as the company’s values align seamlessly with our commitments to the Madison Square community.

According to Amplify GR, in addition to bringing jobs to the Madison Square Neighborhood, redevelopment will include the cleanup of land and ground water impacted by years of pollution at the site.

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