Remember the WWII Veteran from Montrose, MI, who wanted 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday?  Well, wish granted.

According to Fox News who did a follow up of his June 6th birthday, Ike Fabela, the 100-year-old WWII vet received over 50,000 cards and gifts from people all over the country. They’re expecting even more in the days to come.

His daughters told Fox News that they make multiple trips to the post office every day and then they DO actually read all the cards and letter that are sent, and that Ike cries a lot reading the great messages.

The Fox News article say the messages they receive are very heartfelt and filled with gratitude to the servicemen who fought in World War II:

Fabela has received letters from various concentration camp survivors, detailing stories of survival and thanking Fabela and his fellow servicemen for rescuing them from their abhorrent conditions roughly 80 years ago.

The story also says military personnel and other law enforcement officials have sent him their medals, flags and some have even sent Ike their badges.

This Saturday they are going to celebrate Ike’s 100th birthday with the Montrose community.  Fox News says a local biker group plans to line the streets and wave flags as Ike and his family head into town for the celebration.

While his family says he’d love to thank everyone individually, there’s too many packages and letters for that to happen, so they plan to post a video message to his Facebook page soon.

If you sent a card or package, rest assured that you help make Ike’s legendary birthday!




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