The members of DNCE have an eventful day while preparing for a party in their new "Kissing Strangers" video, where front-man Joe Jonas almost gets to make out with Nicki Minaj.

Things get cooking when Jonas leaves his house and bikes to the corner store to pick up a few items. On the way, he passes out fliers to the beautiful women he sees, and you can almost anticipate the fun he and the band will have when night hits.

But before Jonas leaves the store, he sees two strangers go inside a photo booth, and they presumably start kissing. Eventually, both the man and woman get invited to the party. Now fast forward to night time, where the festivities are in full swing, and that's when Nicki comes out of nowhere, dressed in a brown bikini top with a matching hat. She also kills her verse.

You can watch the fun video above, which is perfect for a Friday.

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