I'm pretty sure if you look deep into your dog's eyes, he/she will tell you they don't like it.

My youngest daughter has a dog that has special meaning to her. She recently served  in the Peace Corps, and the dog was a gift to her from some villagers where she lived in Togo. It is a Besenji, an African hound.

The poor dog went through a ton of red tape to get here, and it is unfamiliar with our customs. So when Clarissa sent me a photo of it dressed up in a Christmas sweater, I felt bad for the pup.

He doesn't look happy. His eyes seem to be telling me to help it. I tried. I told Clarissa she shouldn't dress the dog up.

While she admitted that the hat was a bit excessive, she felt the dog, used to the hot temps of the African savannah, actually NEEDS the sweater.

No, it doesn't. Dogs can self regulate their temperature. I'm pretty sure humans can too, but we've lost that skill from wearing clothes. (Google "Wim Hof" if you get a chance, the dude can honestly adjust his inner temperature.)

Look at his eyes. He doesn't want to wear clothes, but he puts up with it because Clarissa is his food source.


Here's the same dog without his Christmas sweater. Doesn't he look happier?


Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there ARE dogs that appear to be happy in Christmas clothes. If so, feel free to send me a photo to jojo@wfgr.com.

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