Lucky's Downtown Market on Division Ave. is closed amid violations of selling to minors and visibly intoxicated people.

Wood TV 8 reports that a sign on the door says the store’s license is suspended for 45 days.

In an email to Wood TV 8, The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs confirmed that Lucky’s was given three concurrent 15-day suspensions for multiple violations of selling to intoxicated people or minors.

It's unknown if Lucky's will reopen.

Some have expressed issues with the store due to its close proximity to ministries that help the homeless, many of whom struggle with addition.

Bob Kreter, marketing manager of Degage Ministries, told Wood TV 8,

“People are trying to recover so badly, they want to get their life back, but the temptation is there...Maybe they won’t be able get down the street further. It could be a positive. It could help people with their recovery."

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