It is always awkward to run into your ex when you least it expect it. Drake and Rihanna dealt with that dilemma this past weekend at a kid's birthday party in Los Angeles. Snapchat footage, which you can see below, shows the former couple at the party and avoiding each other at all costs.

Drake still has a soft spot for Rihanna as seen when he performed a medley of their collaborations to celebrate her birthday in February. That was not enough to get the two to interact at the party though. The relationship is apparently not on the friendliest of terms following their breakup in October 2016.

Drizzy running into Rihanna at the party may have been more awkward than usual since he's rumored to be in a new relationship. A source told the Daily Mail that Drake is secretly dating British singer Jorja Smith.

“He’s been championing her a little too strongly," the source said. "He’s brought her out on stage at his UK gigs and Instagramming about her a lot. So when Jorja started confessing to friends there was a romance brewing, it didn’t come completely out the blue.”

Right now, all speculation is based on this one source's word. Drake has brought the young singer out at shows on his European tour, so it certainly is possible the two are dating. Still, the relationship is nothing more than conjecture at this point in time.

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