After a lot of build-up, Eminem's new single, "Walk On Water" is finally here. What folks didn't know, is that Beyoncé is also featured on the anticipated track.

Bey opens the song over soft pianos, singing a gospel-tinged melody, before Em comes on, rhyming over the stripped down keys.

"I walk on water but I ain't no Jesus/I walk on water but only when it freezes," Bey croons on the Rick Rubin produced track, basically telling everyone that she's only human.

"Always in search of the verse I haven't spit yet," Em admits on the second verse of the melancholy, introspective track. "Kids look to me as a God, this is retarded if only they knew it's all a facade and it's exhaustive," he admits.

The track is essentially Eminem reflecting on the expectations the world put on him to be a "superstar" and more importantly, the expectations he's put on himself. In that sense, there's probably no one more fitting to share the track with him than Bey, who can probably wholly relate to the song's content.

Eminem's upcoming album, Revival, is due out November 17. Take a listen to “Walk On Water” above.


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