Yesterday was the “Empty the Shelter” event at 69 animal shelters around Michigan.  The event was sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation, who paid the adoption fees for the over 1,500 pets that were adopted!

According to Fox 17, twenty-two of the 69 shelters reported being empty or almost completely empty after Saturday’s adoption event.

I overheard a volunteer at the Kent County Animal Shelter say that adoption numbers were up last week leading up to “Empty the Shelters” Saturday, as well.

Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation told Fox 17:

“This was a critical day for the thousands of pets who are no longer in shelters and for the incredible animal rescue workers who need this positive boost to continue to do their lifesaving work.”


"We are so grateful for our dedicated partner organizations and the families who opened their hearts to adoption today and understood the impact this will make. Together we are emptying Michigan’s shelters and saving lives!”

As someone with “dog fever”, I’m a bit jealous but extremely happy to see over 700 dogs and 800 cats find loving homes!

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