Project 1 by ArtPrize are going to have to find a new location for the Down Syndrome Drag Show since the owner of Tanglefoot cites concerns about the performance.

According to WOOD, a group by the name of Drag Syndrome was set to perform at Tanglefoot September 7 during Project 1 by ArtPrize but now will have to find a new location since the owner of the building says the show cannot be held at his building.

The owner of Tanglefoot, Peter Meijer, who is the grandson of Meijer stores co-founder Frederik Meijer, and also a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress said in a written statement, "after deep reflection on the nature of Drag Syndrome's performance, I cannot approve of their use of Tanglefoot's facilities after concerns of potential exploitation of the vulnerable."

DisArt, says excluding Drag Syndrome's performance is discrimination. DisArt, is a local group that connects art to people with disabilities.

ArtPrize posted a statement online that said it, "has always supported free artistic expression by all participants and has not denied or screen individuals. Consistent with this, we believe it would b inappropriate to limit the participation of the performers who have Down Syndrome."

Project 1 will run September 7 to October 27 and will be in place of ArtPrize this year.


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