Yesterday (March 11), French Montana jokingly introduced his new boo to the entire world, on Instagram.

The video shows the rapper getting close with a female monkey. "My new girlfriend. On new boo alert," says French in the video, before getting a kiss from the animal. "They mad at us princess," he adds with a laugh.

Ever the animal lover, Montana already owns a pet Weeper monkey named Julius, who is the Bad Boy rapper's right-hand-primate. He even had a monkey with him when he appeared on XXL's digital cover, in 2016.

“I’m an animal lover and since I was young I always wanted an animal,” French said in the interview. “And especially a monkey, they’re the closest thing to humans. I feel like I always had a dream that I was gonna come out one day to my show with my monkey with me. It was a weird dream. And just watching people like Michael Jackson. I just thought it was cool, man. Having a monkey is like having a baby. They gonna try to be like you, act like you, talk like you. When he sees girls he be acting different. He wants to be the big man of the house. He’ll start playing with his thing. He’ll come and jump on a girl, start flirting with them. He’ll take things and hide out. It’s like having a little kid. I feel like it’s adorable.”

Check out Montana and his new boo's intimate moment below.

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