While it may not be of the size and stature of the King's Landing we've all seen on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones, it turns out that Michigan has its very own King's Landing.

Located in Berrien County's Sodus Township, it seems that there isn't a lot happening in King's Landing. From what I've been able to tell through my searches and checking out Google Street View, King's Landing is basically just a road, some houses, a grocery store, and an antique store. There's also a small school, River School Sodus Township #5, that teaches students from K-8th grade. According to the school's website, each grade-level class size has a maximum of 10 students.

It's so small that I haven't actually been able to find a population for King's Landing specifically, but the population of all of Sodus Township was only 1,976 back in 2017.

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