If your little one has been playing Bluey nonstop in your household, there is a way that you can get major cool mom or cool dad points.

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What Is Bluey?

Bluey is the talk of the town, especially for your little ones!

When it premiered in 2018, Bluey took over the kids' television industry.

Bluey is a seven-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is a ball of energy and full of imagination!

With her father Bandit, mother Chili, and younger sister, Bingo, Bluey goes on so many imaginative adventures that the whole family gets sucked into.

There is no need to explain Bluey further because I already know that you are well informed about the kids' love of Bluey.

However, did you know that Bluey and another special guest are coming to Grand Rapids next week?

This is not a drill!


Where Will Bluey Be In Grand Rapids?

Not only will Bluey be in town, but she is bringing friends!

Bluey and her little Bingo will be at the LMCU Ballpark on May 31st and June 1st!

Courtesy of West Michigan Whitecaps
Courtesy of West Michigan Whitecaps

Your little one can meet Bluey and Bingo in real life! No need for a computer or television screen.

You and the whole family can take pictures with everyone's favorite Heelers in person on both dates.

Now the real question is which day are you deciding to go see the West Michigan Whitecaps (and BLUEY duh!!).

You can grab tickets for May 31st or June 1st by clicking on the links.

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