Good news if you’re like me and find filing a “city income tax return” weird and an extra pain.

Unlike your Federal and State return which is due no later than Tuesday, April 18th this year, the City of Grand Rapids Income Tax Return isn’t due until May 1st. No joke, I called the tax office myself to make sure this was real.

It’s not just special this year either, apparently the city always has a later due date than your federal and state returns.
According to the city website:

2. When is my annual City of Grand Rapids Income Tax return due?
Grand Rapids Income Tax returns are due on or before April 30 or within four months after the end of your fiscal year.

So hurry and get your federal return in and get that refund, then remember you have a couple more weeks to figure out if you’re going to spend some of that refund on city taxes.

The city also says you don’t have to mail in the return; in fact, you can go HERE and E-file. TBH, it looks kind of confusing.

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