Us Michiganders know about some of the fine Yooper cuisine of the Upper Peninsula and now Chef Gordan Ramsay is going to share it with the world.

Ah yes, crossing the Mackinac Bridge and hitting the first pasty shop has always been a tradition for me when heading across the U.P. and now that fine flavor will no longer be a Michigan secret when an episode of Uncharted with Gordon Ramsey hits the National Geographic channel.

According to WOOD, Michigan chef James Rigato was Ramsay's guide around the Keweenaw Peninsula to show off the the Yooper cuisine in the region and at the end of the episode the two have a final cookoff at Presque Isle Park in Marquette.

Rigato said, "when you're doing this show, obviously they're spending a lot of resources and going to pretty remote places. So they want to make sure that they have chefs or food professionals who understand TV. So I think that was an incentive because I've doe a little bit of TV work, but also I'm really passionate about the U.P. so it was pretty genuine."

Rigato is not just some Yooper, he is a real deal chef that has credentials from some of the finest restaurants in the in the Motor City and has spent years visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Now Keweenaw as a city will be getting a ton of exposure and this should bank up some visits from foodies from all over the world. Its not often that the area gets world television coverage.

This episode is not just food, Ramsay builds a fence for thimbleberry bushes, goes hunting for woodcock, dives for shipwrecks and of course eats a delicious pasty.

If you are a foodie or just proud of the great state of Michigan, the episode will air on National Geographic July 25 at 9 p.m. EST.

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