There's no doubt ready-to-drink canned cocktails are becoming more popular. I love them! Especially during the pandemic, it's been nice to enjoy a craft cocktail at home, without having to buy all the different ingredients to make it!

Well, a new set of bills signed into law makes it easier for Michigan craft distillers to distribute mixed spirit drinks.

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On Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer visited Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids to sign Senate Bill 141, Senate Bill 142, Senate Bill 143, and Senate Bill 144.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Twitter
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Twitter

The Whitmer administration says the goal of these bills is to offer consumers more choices and to help grow Michigan's economy.

Gov. Whitmer said in a statement,

This is a great example of bipartisan legislation that will create jobs and help our small businesses grow, and shows what we can do when we work together. Distillers are a growing industry in Michigan, and these bill make it easier for distillers to distribute their products. These bills will make canned mixed spirits more affordable and accessible, creating jobs and helping Michigan small businesses.

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According to a release,

SB 141-144 will allow for an expanded array of canned cocktails to be sold in Michigan. Previously, canned cocktails were capped at 10% alcohol-by-volume. These bills will allow for private wholesalers-often distilleries based in Michigan-to distribute canned cocktails up to 13.5% alcohol-by-volume. Taken together, the bills will cut red tape, support spirit manufacturers, and create good-paying jobs in Michigan.

In August, Long Road Distillers debuted their line of canned craft cocktails. New Holland Brewing Co. has also launched a line of canned cocktails in recent years.

Gov. Whitmer made another stop in Grand Rapids on Monday. In a press conference at Steelcase Inc., she announced the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has changed their COVID guidelines to allow fully vaccinated employees to go without face masks and social distancing in the workplace.

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