Responsible behavior is to be applauded in a time when many wig out. Here's some West Michigan folks who are doing the right thing.

Isaac Vis and his friend just returned from sightseeing in Italy, just as that country was getting hit hard by the now pandemic COVID-19 virus. So he did all of us a favor, he put himself in self-quarantine, just to be sure he wasn't out spreading the novel coronavirus.

Vis has yet to show any symptoms of the virus, but rather than put his co-workers and the area at risk, he's going to work form home for the next two weeks, just to be sure.

"My parents are getting me groceries, and they're leaving it on my front steps. So that's nice," Vis told FOX 17.

As far as his trip went, it was right when Italy was getting hit hard by new cases every day.

"We went and just kind of played it by ear as we went and there wasn't a huge concern by any means, but we were still very cautious," Vis told our media partner, FOX 17. "We listened to the news and everything, and washed our hands very thoroughly. We didn't shake hands with anybody or anything like that. We went through many bottles of hand sanitizer."

Meanwhile, down in Kalamazoo, a group of employees at Stryker, a medical equipment manufacturer, have been asked to self-quarantine following exposure to another employee who may have been exposed to the virus.

Here is the full statement from Stryker:

"The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our priority. This week, we learned an employee visiting one of our Portage, Michigan, locations has reason to be tested for COVID-19. We have identified a small group of people who were in contact with this individual and requested that they monitor their health for symptoms, seek medical guidance and evaluation, and self-quarantine for at least 14 days. We have also activated our cleaning protocols following industry best practices and CDC guidance. We will continue to support our employees during this time."


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