This story is crazy and a bit what dreams are made of, I mean if you just happened upon it.  Thursday in Grand Haven a man lost $30,000 from a box that he left on the bumper of his truck.

Here's the story, the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety posted on Facebook, Friday, that on Thursday night at 8:52 pm they had been called out to a traffic complaint of people stopping on US31 just south of Coho Drive.  When officers arrived, they found people picking up money that was blowing around the roadway.

So officers closed off the roadway and helped everyone gather money.

Well here’s where it gets fun, a few minutes later, a man shows up and says that it’s his money, and it had been in a box on the bumper of his truck.

WHAT?!?!?!  You just kept $30,000 in a box you were just carrying around and then you SET THE BOX ON YOUR BUMPER?  I would have put that IN the truck immediately… it’s 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Anyway, the box of money was on his bumper when he took off down Beacon Blvd, and that’s how it ended up all over the roadway.

So officers and helpful bystanders (the ones that couldn’t run off with the money) gathered all the money left blowing around...$2,470.  That's all that was left; a far cry from the original $30,000 lost.

Now officers (and that guy) are asking for anyone else who picked up money to please be honest and bring the money into the public safety office.

An updated post on their Facebook page Saturday said that a couple more people have stopped by including two 17-year-old boys that gave back $630 and a lady that brought in $3880.  Still not that close to the original $30,000.

I’ve got to be honest, if I stopped and gathered up some random cash, it would be hard to part with it, especially knowing the guy so haphazardly took care of his money.  It’s like he was wanting to lose it. But then again I also really believe in Karma and know that it’s a …. Well you know.  So I’m not sure I’d tempt that.


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