The best thing ever when you are tired after a day of work and don't want to cook is getting takeout.  Chinese food, pizza, Applebee's Curbside To Go, or even Russ' drive thru.  All of it makes you go "Mmmmmmmm!"

But for us Grand Rapidians, takeout is just the worst.  At least that's what is trying to tell us.  They did a survey that ranked 53 cities in the United States on how much money people spend on takeout.

Out of 53 cities ranked in the country, Grand Rapids ranks 39th in amount of money spent on takeout.  The average Grand Rapidian spends $159 a month on takeout, with a total of $114,480 in a lifetime.  First off, that seems a little high.  $159 a month?  I don't think I've ever spent that much on takeout and for a while I was buying fast food 3-4 days out of the week.  It's crazy that $159 is on the low end.

Detroit spends the least on takeout of the cities surveyed with an average of $142 a month and $102,240 in a lifetime.

Seattle tops the list with an average of $210 a month and $151,200 in a lifetime.

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