A local company is helping to repair the roads damaged in the riot downtown Grand Rapids two weeks ago free of charge.

Wood TV 8 reports that Superior Asphalt is  compacting and laying down about 100 tons of asphalt on Pearl Street and on Ionia Avenue.

The job totals about $10,000 and Superior is doing it for free. The company got permission from the City of Grand Rapids to take part in the effort to help rebuild downtown

Jeff Kresnak, CEO of Superior Asphalt told Wood TV 8,

I felt, personally, and the company felt that why should the taxpayers be held to pay for it?The city of Grand Rapids where I grew up and where the company started and it’s just a little bit we can give back.”

Kresnak says the police cars that were burning for so long damaged the roads badly and soon they would begin to crumble apart:

“Now we are coming in with new asphalt to apply an inch and a half over the existing base course of asphalt. And what that’s going to do is put us back to where we were prior to the police cars getting burned up.”

Approximately a dozen workers showed up on their day off to help with the project.

Kresnak says,

“Most of the crew’s all from this community, as well. When we told them what we were doing, they were ecstatic to come down, even though it was an overtime day... I’ve just followed other peoples’ footsteps that I’ve seen do kind gestures along the way. Like I said, the city of Grand Rapids, the entire West Michigan community has been good to us and it’s just a polite way we can give back.”

It's estimated that in total, approximately $2.4 million in damage was done to downtown Grand Rapids.

The GRPD recently released photos and videos from the riot, asking for the public's help identifying suspect.

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Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids - May 31, 2020

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