It's back-to-school season!

I do not know about you but when I was growing up, I hated going back-to-school shopping.

In order to make it a little bit better for you, I asked ChatGPT for the best places to go back-to-school shopping here in Grand Rapids.

Let's take a look to see what ChatGPT said.

Grand Rapids Back-To-School Shopping

Woodland Mall:

Woodland Mall (Kentwood, MI)/Facebook
Woodland Mall (Kentwood, MI)/Facebook

ChatGPT says,

"This large shopping center features a wide range of stores, including clothing retailers like Macy's, JCPenney, and H&M, as well as electronics stores and accessory shops."

Woodland Mall makes sense, especially if you need affordable clothes for the school year.

Rivertown Crossings:


ChatGPT says,

"Another major shopping destination, Rivertown Crossings boasts stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Forever 21, and Best Buy, making it a great spot for clothing, sports gear, and electronics."

Tanger Outlets:

"If you're looking for deals on brand-name items, Tanger Outlets offers discounted prices on a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories from well-known brands."

Bridal District:

Fall Bridal Show Of West Michigan
Fall Bridal Show Of West Michigan

"This area is known for its concentration of bridal and formalwear shops, but it's also a good place to find trendy and upscale fashion boutiques that can help you stand out on campus."

BRIDAL DISTRICT??? Are the students getting married now?


"For a more unique and independent shopping experience, explore the Eastown neighborhood. It's home to vintage shops, thrift stores, and boutiques offering eclectic clothing and accessories."


Breton Village:

"This shopping area features a mix of upscale stores and local boutiques. You can find clothing, shoes, and accessories in a range of styles here."


Downtown Market:


"While not primarily a shopping center, the Downtown Market hosts various artisan shops, including those selling clothing, accessories, and locally made goods."

Guess you are getting your lunch here? Hopefully, the vintage pop-up stores are there for you.

Local Boutiques:

"Grand Rapids has numerous local boutiques scattered throughout the city, offering unique and stylish clothing options. Some examples include Gina's Boutique, Lee & Birch, and Lennon & Willow Boutique."


Secondhand and Thrift Stores:

"If you're looking for budget-friendly options or sustainable choices, explore thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Plato's Closet."

Online Shopping:

"Don't forget about online options like Amazon, Target, and other major retailers that offer convenient back-to-school shopping with a wide variety of products."

If all else fails, you can always buy your back-to-school shopping on Amazon and Target.

Do you agree with ChatGPT?

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