Are you looking for a new home?

Have you ever noticed how competitive the market in Grand Rapids is?

With spring trying to peak its head and summer right around the corner, the housing market is about to be booming in the best way possible. (Hopefully)

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With the way Grand Rapids real estate is set up, you can never really ponder on a house or apartment too long or you just know you will not be buying that property.

Mary Siemer / Greenridge Realty White Lake
Mary Siemer / Greenridge Realty White Lake

In the month of March alone, the average number that a house spent on the market was 43 days.

Stacker compiled a list of metros where homes are selling the fastest using the data from Redfin. Metros are ranked by the least days listed for sale in March with ties broken by the number of home sales. Metros with over 300 home sales in March were included.


Where does Grand Rapids sit on the list?

According to the list by Stacker, the Grand Rapids metro area is in the fourth spot of having homes sell the fastest.

The average time for a house to be on the market is only ten days.

The Sandi Gentry Team
The Sandi Gentry Team

Within the month of March, the total amount of homes that sold was a whopping 937!

Lastly, the average sale price for homes in the area was $305,000.

What areas beat Grand Rapids?

The states of Pennsylvania and New York beat out Grand Rapids on this list. However, it is not the city of New York like you think it would be.

  1. Reading, Pennsylvania metro area
  2. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  3. Rochester, NY metro area

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Stacker compiled a list of the metros where houses are selling the fastest, according to data from Redfin.

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