We love it when comedians come to Grand Rapids.

This time around, one comedian has figured out our hidden secret.

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Who Is Josh Johnson?

Josh Johnson is many things so let's go down the list.

  • Correspondent on The Daily Show
  • Standup comic
  • Emmy-nominated writer
  • Podcast Host for The Josh Johnson Show Podcast

Recently, Josh brought his comic skills to the Grand Rapids area for Gilda's Laughfest.

Josh Johnson @ 317 Stagg
John Cafaro

What Did He Say About Grand Rapids?

As the funny comedian Josh is, he starts off this viral TikTok video with,

"I've only been in Grand Rapids for what like...I guess you could say a day and a half and I get it."


What does he 'get' is the question that you may be asking yourself.

After asking the audience to stop doing 'this' repeatedly, he finally reveals what he wants Grand Rapids residents to stop.

"I understand you don't have to be nice to me anymore."

I have never heard someone say you have to stop being nice. You are being too 'aggressively' nice but Josh Johnson is saying so.


He even goes as far as to refer to Grand Rapids as the "opposite New York."

Later in the TikTok video, he asks a very interesting question.

"But is it not exhausting??"

It can never be exhausting to be nice in Michigan. It's literally our whole slogan.

"West Michigan Nice."

An article published in 2021 by the Grand Rapids Business Journal describes West Michigan Nice as,

"the love-without-truth side of things."

The creator of West Michigan Nice, @iblamebill, describes it as someone who leaves with the feeling of being insulted even though no one in the conversation raised their voice, cursed at you, or used any violence.

@iblamebill #greenscreen #westmichigannice #lgbt #lgbtq #PrimeDayDreamDeals #thebroadway #passiveaggressive #nice #kind ♬ original sound - Rachel Klinger Cain

You can view the full TikTok below.


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