Subconsciously, this grandmother has a pretty filthy mind.

A man on Twitter named Henry Fraser shared this seemingly loving birthday card he received from his grandmother. A closer look, though, reveals, "loving" may not be the right word.

Wow. When you think of things grandmas give, images of lollipops and unicorns come to mind, not filthy four-letter words that will get a drink thrown in your face if you say it in public.

Fraser decided not to pursue the matter and call attention to his nana's snafu. He wrote, "It made my day! I wouldn't have the heart to tell her."

Oh, he totally should've told her. You know how grandmothers are. She would've felt so guilty that she probably would make it up to him by sending him checks for a dollar every week for the rest of his life to apologize. He missed out on the chance to make a fortune.

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