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A burger joint in Michigan known for its tasty burgers is about to get some love and some national exposure.

Hamburger Mikey In Muskegon Will Be Featured On America's Best Restaurants

Back in 2016 Hamburger Mikey opened on 3rd street in Muskegon and has been serving up everything from juicy burgers to hot dogs, sandwiches, and hand-cut fries.

America's Best Restaurants Is Coming To Michigan

America's Best Restaurants goal is simple, to connect you with restaurants near you that you'd love to eat at weekly. America's Best Restaurant will film at Hamburger Mikey on Tuesday, September 20th. The show will highlight popular food at Hamburger Mikey.

Check Out Some Of The Food At Hamburger Mikey In Muskegon

Hamburger Mikey managing partner Tim Taylor (no not Tim Allen's character from Home Improvement) told WZZM 13

"You know, we're not just a restaurant that we actually love what we do and we love to support our community and it's not about making money. It's about how you actually help your community and what you can do to help showcase your community."


America's Best Restaurants founder Matt Plapp told WZZM 13

"The overall vision is to travel the country. We've identified that there's somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 smaller, independent restaurants and communities all over the country that don't get their fair share of attention, They don't have the marketing budgets and the people behind the scenes like a Chick fil A or Chipotle. And we want to bring that to them at a local level."


Have Other Michigan Restaurants Been On America's Best Restaurants?

13 different restaurants have been on America's Best Restaurants.
I've shared videos of some of these restaurants.

One North Kitchen

WoodChips BBQ 

JR's Hometown Grill Grill and Pub 

Haus of Brunch

Steady Eddy's Market Cafe

Blackstone's Smokehouse 

Meat BBQ

Lake Inn Food & Spirits

Joe Muer Seafood

Catch 22 Bistro 

Steakhouse 22

Cast And Company

Credit: Cask & Company via Facebook
Credit: Cask & Company via Facebook


Parc via Facebook
Parc via Facebook

You can get more information about Hamburger Mikey by clicking here

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