If you use Cash App to send money to friends and businesses, and you have a problem, DON'T google a phone number for support, because you'll be scammed.

The BBB or Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan & the Upper Peninsula is warning everyone of a scam that has caused them to receive numerous complaint from people who have tried to get customer support through a phone number they found on the web, only to have lots of money stolen from them.

According to the story on Fox 17, people are searching for the support number online and calling it only to be connected to a person claiming to be customer support for Cash App.  That person then asks for log-in information so they can transfer money to a "dummy" account so they can see what's happening and not working during the transfer.  Problem is, Cash App doesn't have a phone support center.  You can only get support for the app through the app or by email.  So once the friendly voice on the other end of the call has all your info, they can drain the account that's connected to your Cash App account.

Fox 17 says, Cash App which is owned by Square, said in a statement,

“To ensure we can assist every Cash App Customer as quickly as possible, we primarily support this product via email. We’re working hard to increase Cash App support via other channels and make it even easier for customers to get real-time help with urgent issues.”


Heads up - NEVER trust anyone that asks for your credentials so they can use your account - AS YOU - to test any service.  Any technology company should have a backdoor system that can tell more than likely can see a report of everything your account and app did without having to log-in as you. If they don't, I'm not sure I'd trust them with any of my personal information, because they're not that smart of a company.

Fox 17 has some other tips to protect yourself, via the BBB, HERE.

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