If you’ve driven west (or away from the city) under 131 on Leonard, you’ve probably been highly confused by the lane changes.  Especially if you’re turning left from Scribner to Leonard.  I live in that area and I feel I’m going to get hit turning.

Originally the inside turn lane from Scribner to West Leonard was for the turn and middle lane, and the outside turn lane was to a lane that had to merge with the middle lane. Confused?  Apparently so were a lot of other people.

The City of Grand Rapids sent out a press release letting everyone know that as of next week (the week of February 20th), they’re clearing up the confusion and hopefully a bit of the traffic congestion.

Starting Monday, Westbound Leonard between Scribner and Turner will be modified to have two left turn only lanes to Turner and the far right lane will now be the through lane for Westbound Leonard.

They’ll also be changing the lanes on Northbound Scribner with one “left only” lane, two through lanes and then a dedicated “right only” lane as well.

I’m glad the city is addressing this area, every day seems to be a battle over who’s supposed to get the middle lane when turning left from Scribner, now that won’t be as much of a problem.

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