Yes, Rob & I have a very strange relationship but people are even stranger (cue The Doors).

So it all started when I told Rob that I wanted to get a pedicure but my feet stunk and I was afraid of having the smell permeate in the nail lady's face. I asked Rob if he wanted to smell just how bad my shoes were and he refused. I told him I'd pay him what was in my back pocket which was $9. He still refused. Even though it's nine extra dollars he didn't have!! And in true Rob fashion, he pulled out the camera and started recording. You can see the video below but it was what happened after the video when things got really weird.

Let's just say I got offers like from this guy who commented:

I'd have smelled them for free. I would have laid on the floor in front of her and let her rub her feet all over my face for an hour.

Um... okay? Not happening.

But then I also got this e-mail:


I don't know what's weirder... the fact that someone would let me rub my feet all over their face for free or someone who's willing to pay money for my smelly shoes. Rob, being the great friend that he is, is already coming up with ways to sell my shoes without my knowledge... this I already know.

Needless to say, radio doesn't pay all that great so I may actually make a business out of this. Just don't ask for my underwear.

And just in case you're wondering, I did get my pedi. Thankfully, the nail tech was wearing a mask.

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