ICYMI: A candlelight vigil was held on Saturday because a grocery store closed. About 100 upset customers gathered in the parking lot of Kroger in Dearborn and exchanged memories and tears about their beloved store (FOX 2 Detroit).

Not only was there a moment of silence but the event also included a quartet singing "Amazing Grace" at 5 p.m. -- the moment when the doors closed for the last time. The crowd also came together to sing "happy birthday" to former employee, Joyce. As if this isn't dramatic (and kind of awkward) enough, the legitimate tears from some people is what makes this entire thing comical. Or maybe its the "WE WILL MISS U" sign.

The entire event lasted about 15 minutes and it's pretty obvious this specific Kroger meant something to the community. An attendee recorded the whole thing and you can check out the video below.

As to what's next for these shoppers who have to find a new place to get their groceries... there's another Kroger store that's right across the street...

Is there a store in West Michigan that you would be sad to see go?

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