I know, it sounds insane, and probably is. But there is a technical possibility that Detroit native and rapper Danny Brown could have a meet and greet homecoming at one of the unemployment branches in Detroit, and possibly sometime soon.

In the latest episode of the podcast Two Bears One Cave, Danny sits in for host Bert Kreischer, and the episode immediately becomes focused on conversation about his hometown of Detroit.

Host Tom Segura starts the episode by bringing up his recent visit to Detroit in May, when he was in town to do a few stand up shows.

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Segura mentions that he made a stop at two sneaker stores downtown near The Masonic where he played. One he didn't like, the other he mentioned by name, Bob's Classic Kicks.

We don't know what shoes Tom got, but he recommends it to sneaker collectors of all kinds.

After that, Danny Brown mentioned that he's being forced to return home to deal an unfortunate thing that many Americans have faced themselves: identity fraud.

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He says in the podcast that someone stole his identity and scammed Michigan unemployment in his name to the tune of... $30,000! If that number sounds high, Tom Segura also agreed that it must have been a huge con, because it's not likely they would give out only a few checks that added up to that sum.

That's when Danny Brown jokes back and says

So if you're in Detroit and you want to see me, I'll be at the unemployment office one day soon... maybe I should set up some meet and greets.

Which, would be amazing, but as of the publishing of this article hasn't happened (yet).

Honestly though, if there was ever a rapper that could make going to a government office more fun, it would be Danny Brown. I'd love for him to hang out with me when I go to the Secretary of State next week.

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