It's a bird, it's a plane... not so fast, it's something else. A lot has been going on in our West Michigan sky for the last five months with UFOs.

U.S. Government Claims They Have No Proof of Aliens

The United States government recently said they have no proof that there are aliens from other worlds. Well, who the hell is driving all these weird crafts being seen over West Michigan? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

West Michigan UFOs in the Last 5 Months

A couple of pilots witnessed a UFO flying over Caledonia for an hour on February 4, 2024. The UFO changed color periodically moving quickly up and down, left and right, then made a few figure eights.

A ring camera in Portage picked up a green flash from the sky that looked like a picture flash that lasted for two seconds on January 12, 2024. A man says he was shoveling his driveway at the time and the green light surrounded him and the entire area he was in. There is a Ring camera video here.

DeWitt is east of Grand Rapids near Lansing but close enough to talk about. January 1, 2024, just after midnight. A man in DeWitt who was at home and not drinking on New Year's Eve, went outside to watch some of the fireworks at midnight when he spotted an orange orb moving steadily and horizontally across the sky. He is sure it was not a firework.

If you live near Grand Rapids, this one may freak you out.

A woman and her son were in a vehicle on December 8, 2023, on I-96 between Cascade and Lowell Charter Township when they spotted a bright light in the sky that hovered and what appeared to be a grey or silver disk.  They say it was the size of three or four school buses combined, and saw it fall about 100 feet quickly.  They claimed to be so close the son could almost see inside of the object. Others did report seeing the object also.

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East of Kalamazoo in Lawrence, a man driving on I-94 on November 28, 2023, saw six bright lights not in any formation slowly disappear one at a time ten seconds apart.

A white orb was caught on video in Delta Charter Township on November 13, 2023. The video is three minutes in total and you can see it here.

A father and daughter in Sand Lake saw a v-shaped object with lights on October 18, 2023, for a few seconds. The man believed it to be the same ship spotted known as the Phoenix Lights.

A lot is going on in the Michigan sky so have your cameras ready because you never know what you will see.

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