She just wanted to get her McDouble!

Have you ever pulled up to a McDonald's and seen something you did NOT want to see?

Spencer Platt/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Spencer Platt/ThinkStock/GettyStock

Well, it seems like something MAJOR went down at a McDonald's in East Lansing last night.

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What Went Down On TikTok At The East Lansing McDonald's?

As I was scrolling on TikTok last night, I came across a video showing what happened in East Lansing.

The caption reads:

"POV: you were at Mcdonalds in east landing last night."

Let's just say the police were called with SWAT shields and everything!

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It seems like this McDonald's has some other crazy stories attached to it as well.

A commenter mentioned one of the situations that happened.

"east lansing mcdonald’s is a different dimension i swear last time i was there some dude OD’d in the fkn drive thru"

With the TikTok videos, I have no clue what happened. But after some research, I have more details.

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What Happened At The East Lansing McDonald's?

Two people were briefly detained early Thursday morning after a false weapons complaint was made at an East Lansing McDonald's.

Officers from the East Lansing Police Department and Michigan State University Police and Public Safety were called a little after midnight to the McDonalds on East Grand River Ave.

Yahoo News! shared that a small crowd started forming in the parking lot, which must have been the people recording on their phones for TikTok.

"More than a half dozen police vehicles were on scene when 6 News arrived. A small crowd had gathered on one end of the parking lot while officers were finishing searching the bathroom and talking to an individual on the second floor of the restaurant."

After the police search, no weapons were found so both individuals were cleared and released.

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