It appears the Downtown Grand Rapids location of the popular taco chain Stan's Tacos has closed.

While there have been no formal announcements about the closings, there are a few indicators that the location has shuttered. If you attempt to access the website for the downtown location, the page displays a "Page not found..." site. The Standale location still displays properly.


Screenshot of the Stan's Tacos website
The website page for the location displays "Page not found" when attempting to access it.


Perhaps the biggest indicator of closure is the sign that now hangs on the front door. While I was writing this piece, I popped over to the store myself to see how things were looking and discovered a newly hung message announcing the closure.


Photo of a sign that reads "this location closed"
Sign that now hangs on the door of the downtown location Stan's Tacos. Credit: Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media

The sign reads:

"This location is closed. Please join us at our Standale Location 355 Wilson Ave. Thank you for your patronage"


As the sign and their website show, there is still a Stan's Tacos located on 355 Wilson Ave, but their website does not list any other locations. This location joins the Grand Haven location as the second location to close since Meritage Hospitality expanded its locations in 2021. Stan's Tacos is known for its cheap margaritas and summer, beach vibe.


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