Michigan is known for Detroit-style pizza.

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I like Jet's Pizza but they're not the ones who get credit for inventing Detroit-style pizza.

Detroit-style pizza is credited to being invented by Gus Guerra.

How Was Detroit Style Pizza Created?

The style originated in the 1940s at Buddy's Rendezvous, a bar in Detroit, Michigan, owned by Gus Guerra and his wife Anna.

The Washington Post via Getty Images
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The rectangular-shaped pizza with its distinctive crispy and thick crust quickly gained popularity in the Detroit area and has since become a beloved style of pizza across the United States.

Interesting Pizza's You Can Find In Michigan

I don't care if this loses me any credibility with pizza lovers, I love interesting combinations of toppings on my pizza.

Pineapple Pizza
Credit: Canva

For example, the classic topic pairing of pineapple and ham tastes amazing.

Several pizza places across Michigan offer up some interesting pizza toppings that might interest your taste buds.

The Ghost Pizza: Offered by Amar Pizza in Troy, this pizza is topped with chicken, red onions, cilantro, and ghost sauce.

Credit: Amar Pizza Troy via Facebook
Credit: Amar Pizza Troy via Facebook

It comes with a disclaimer due to its extreme heat, making it a challenge for those who dare to try it.

I might have to pass on this one because I love hot stuff but hot stuff doesn't love me back.


Crab Rangoon Pizza: Found at Slice by Saddleback, this pizza is inspired by the popular Asian appetizer, featuring a creamy, crab-filled topping.

Credit: Pizza Slice by Saddleback - West Lansing via Facebook
Credit: Pizza Slice by Saddleback - West Lansing via Facebook

It was initially introduced for Lent but became a permanent menu item due to its popularity.

My brother lives in Lansing and the next time I visit I'm gonna request we order this.

I'd love to hear about other unique pizzas you can get in Michigan

Please share them with me by clicking here.

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