It is for sure now that Macy's, the department store giant, will definitely be closing 150 stores nationwide by the end of 2026 with the first 50 stores closing by the end of their fiscal year. The big mystery still is which ones?

Investor Group Submits $5.8B Proposal To Buy Macy's
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It has been discussed many times locally that can Grand Rapids, a market with two large mall stores, sustain both Grandville, RiverTown Crossings, and Kentwood, Woodland Mall.

That is a great question, and Crain's Grand Rapids Business reports that business experts are saying the odds of Macy’s keeping two locations in the Grand Rapids market appears unlikely. Uh-oh!


Macy's To Close 150 Stores
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And, the other question is, if we do have to lose one, will RiverTown or Woodland be the one, and will they be among the first 50 Macy's closed, or even one of the eventual 150?

Nobody knows, yet.

That would be a big hurt for the West Michigan shopper, and the malls themselves. How does a mall fill a huge space like that? And there will be a lot more driving for some Macy's shoppers as well.


Macy's To Close 150 Stores
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When Macy's is finished with their 'restructuring' there will only be 350 stores left in the chain.


Bloomingdale's Century City Launches Good For The Globe
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Ironically, this turnaround plan of theirs includes opening new stores. Macy's announced that they will open about 15 Bloomindale's, they own that brand, too, and at least 30 Bluemercury stores in the next three years.

Woodland Mall and RiverTown Crossings are keeping mum about all of this right now. Their answer?

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