NOVEMBER 1 UPDATE: Since we published the original article, we now have answers as to just what is going on with the Fulton Street Dairy Queen.

Former Fulton St. Dairy Queen
Photo: Scott Winters/Townsquare Media

Over the last week or so, all of the DQ logos and signage have been removed from the building. Over the weekend the DQ on the sign was also removed.

A Facebook post from Rachel Pieri further explains the situation:

So at this point is looks like the Dairy Queen is gone for good, however the hope is to open a new neighborhood ice cream spot in its place in the spring of 2023.

This is the time of year that you expect to see the ice cream shops in the area closing up for the winter. Most re-open again in the spring. There are rumors that one Grand Rapids area Dairy Queen will not be returning in the spring of 2023.

There has been no official announcement, but rumors have been posted on social media that the owners of the Fulton Street Dairy Queen franchise, at the corner of Fulton and Lane on Grand Rapids' northwest side, have decided to not renew their franchise license. That would mean the building would no longer be a DQ in the spring of 2023.

Fulton Street Dairy Queen
Photo: Google Maps

The Fulton Street Dairy Queen closed over the weekend -- possibly for good. A call to that location is only answered with a recording that states "we are closed for the season". There is no official word on just what will happen to that location. There are some possibilities...

  • The franchise could be purchased by someone else and still be a Dairy Queen, but with new franchise owners
  • A new ice cream shop, with no Dairy Queen affiliation, could open in that location
  • The property could be used for a business completely unrelated to ice cream.

At first glance, the property doesn't really look big enough for too much to go in that location, however, shows that the property includes not only the Dairy Queen building, but also the house behind it. That could open up possibilities for what could be built on that corner lot.

Fulton St. Dairy Queen
Photo: AccessKent

So now we have to wait, and see what happens over the coming months. If the rumors are true about the franchise, the DQ logos will probably be coming down soon. There is no public record of the land being sold recently. We will have to keep our eye on this location to see what is in store for the future.

If the Fulton Street Dairy Queen does not re-open in the spring, your remaining DQ choices would be the 1138 Walker Street Dairy Queen (next year will be their 63rd year as a family owned Dairy Queen and it'll be the only one in Grand Rapids), the Dairy Queen located inside the Rivertown Crossing Mall in Grandville, the Allendale Dairy Queen at 5053 Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale, the Holland Dairy Queen at 3058 W. Shore Drive, or the Greenville Dairy Queen at 1015 W. Washington Street.

In addition to the Dairy Queens, there are other ice cream shops in the area. You could visit a different one each time!

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