We just want to keep our kids safe.

Tennessee announced a new law that may impact Michigan parents and students too.

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What Happened In Tennessee?

On April 25th, Tennessee became the latest state that allow teachers to carry guns into K-12 public schools.

This decision came after Aidan Hale shot and killed three nine-year-old children and three adults at Covenant School on March 27, 2023.

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With this new law, that means that faculty and staff can carry concealed handguns on school property. They will need a carry permit and written permission from their school's director and principal.

Althom/ Thinkstock
Althom/ Thinkstock

However, there is a slight issue, in my personal opinion.

There is a secrecy law that bans administrators and teachers from telling parents who are armed in the school.

Does that not sound like an issue?

This is not a new issue. Newsweek shared that there are more than 30 states that allow this.

New Hampshire is the only state in the United States that allows adults to carry guns on school grounds without any restrictions. Only the students are prohibited from carrying weapons.

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Other states have certain stipulations and requirements that are needed to carry a concealed gun.

Is Michigan one of them?

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Should Michigan Teachers Carry Guns In The Classroom?

A map featured in a Newsweek article states that Michigan does allow public school teachers to carry guns. However, they will need permission from school authorities.

Newsweek / Sources: Giffords Law Center, NCSL
Newsweek / Sources: Giffords Law Center, NCSL

However, it seems like the overall consensus is that Michigan does not allow them.

It seems rather clear from different law firm articles and the Michigan legislature. I wonder where Newsweek is finding this information.

How would you feel if faculty and staff could carry concealed guns in Michigan schools?

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