Kodak Black is proudly voting for Donald Trump to be America's 47th president.

Kodak Black Says He's Voting for Donald Trump

On Saturday (March 16), a video surfaced of Kodak Black briefly talking with a reporter who asked him if he's voting for Donald Trump in the next presidential election. Without hesitation, the South Florida rapper said, "Of course."

But Yak went even further and suggested that if Donald Trump does become president, he should stay in office for 20 more years.

"We should have Donald Trump for like 20 years like how Russian and all that s**t be doin'," Kodak explained in the clip, which can be viewed below. "Four years ain't enough time for a president."

"That ain't enough time for a muthaf**ka to fix what the last president done did," he continued. "So I'm gon' need Trump way more than four years."

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The Kodak Black-Donald Trump Connection

Kodak Black's allegiance to Donald Trump shouldn't be a shocker to anyone. The "Super Gremlin" rhymer has been beholden to the former president since being pardoned by him in 2021 while serving a four-year sentence on a federal gun charge. Since then, Yak has defended Trump against his detractors believing that people are hating on the disgraced former president because "he's a stand-up guy."

In spite of his felony conviction, Kodak Black is eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential elections in November. According to Findlaw.com, felons in Florida who have completed their sentences, including parole and probation, and have fulfilled all financial obligations (fines, restitution, and fees) are entitled to vote in Florida elections.

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Watch Kodak Black voice his support for Donald Trump as our 47th president in the video below.

Watch Kodak Black Say He's Voting for Donald Trump and Wants Him in Office for 20 Years

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