Rick Ross might be the biggest boss who basks peacefully in his massive mansion, The Promise Land, which sits on 105 acres, but it’s his ex-wife who’s been bossing up in her own way lately. Tia Kemp, the mother of one of Ross' children, has been making a name for herself outside of Ross' massive fame as of late, but who is she exactly?

Tia Kemp Has Social Media Turning Heads

Most recently, Kemp, the mother of Rozay's teenage son, William Roberts III, has garnered popularity via social media livestreams with her sometimes brash opinions and contentious actions with some even labeling her as unhinged. Back in January, Tia made headlines after targeting and heavily criticizing Ross' now-ex-Cristina Mackey after Mackey posted a taco meal she made for Ross, then shared a photo of the Miami rapper's alleged latest child, whom was born while Ross and Mackey were in a relationship. Tia continued to come for Mackey, slinging insults, even after the relationship between Mackey and Ross ended. The back-and-forth between Kemp and Mackey was quite tumultuous.

Tia, who also traded disses with her ex and the father of her child over the last few weeks, was later hit with a cease and desist from Rozay.

Tia Kemp's name also circulated the net when she shared a NSFW photo of rising rapper BossMan DLow. Apparently, prior to Kemp exposing the nude photo of DLow, she went on Live and stated that she heard the rhymer was on Clubhouse, falsely stating that Kemp was in DLow's DMs, offering to have sex with him. While Kemp, who was unaware of what the voice-only platform is, says this was furthest from the truth. She additionally noted that DLow didn't have enough money to book her for his music video because he had exhausted his budget when wanting to use a viral video of hers for his visual.

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Tia Kemp Calls Out Rick Ross in Tell-All Autobiography 50 Cent Helped Her Publish

Outside of Tia Kemp offering her many unsolicited opinions, her name began ringing bells back in 2009 when she released a tell-all autobiography titled, Tia's Diary Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, and Exposure, essentially slamming Rick Ross and her experiences with the rapper. According to MTV News, Tia's book idea came to fruition with help from 50 Cent, who had a hand in the book being published. 50 didn't publish the book, but it was reported that he retained a financial stake in its release. An action, likely done to taunt Ross as Fif and Rozay had been feuding from 2008. This beef was ignited after 50 complimented Ross during an interview, also warning him to avoid getting too close to Fat Joe, with whom 50 was beefing with around that time.

It's worth noting that Tia Kemp reportedly shared plans at the top of the year regarding the  release of another tell-all book.

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50 Cent Takes Tia Kemp on Shopping Spree

50, who featured Tia Kemp quite a bit on his own website back then, even flew her from Miami to NYC to interview her and take her on a shopping spree. Fif took her to visit now-retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s mansion in Las Vegas with her son at one point, too.

It's unclear if Tia Kemp and Rick Ross will land on better terms, but as of now, it appears the two may remain at odds.

See Videos of Tia Kemp Shopping With 50 Cent and Visiting Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Home Below

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