Jagged Edge has been in the R&B game for over two decades and somehow they managed to stay together through their ups and downs. The Atlanta foursome just released their ninth project, Layover, and it’s available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.

The 16-song collection features sumptuous ballads that are perfect for those romantic summer nights. On “Give In,” the group salutes their lovers for putting it down right in the bedroom. “Lying” is another is a finger-snapping ballad that will make you want to do the two step.

“How I Love You” is a celebratory song dedicated to women who stand by their men. Finally, “Peanut Budder” is a metaphoric song in which the group describes their favorite type of women (healthy and thick). "She ain't no basic chick / Ain't nothing about her average / Hustle just to get her chips / She all about her cabbage," they sing.

For their new album, Layover, Jagged Edge released it independently on their indie label Hard Case Records. In an interview with The Root, the group says it's happy with the final product. "It’s all Jagged Edge,” said J.E. member Richard Wingo. “It was a lot of big companies that made Jagged Edge a household name, but at this point in time it’s all Jagged Edge. It’s all black-owned.”

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