Social media is running with a wild theory that Jhené Aiko cheated on an ex-boyfriend with Big Sean back in 2012, but she's here to shoot that timeline down. While she may be dating the I Decided rapper now, she claims that the two had a platonic friendship between them prior to them making it official.

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Aiko stirred up social media by sharing the story of her going to a basketball game with Sean back in 2012 when he was "just as a friend." At the time, she was dating another person who turned out to be "secretly married" to someone else, but Aiko still let them know that she was going to a basketball game.

The Trip singer is now addressing the theory that she was on a date with Sean at the time, and whether she was cheating on her now-ex-boyfriend. Aiko sends out a series of tweets about the theory being blown out of proportion because of one quote from a "moment" in her life, stating that she did "nothing but go to a basketball game."

She says that her ex had already moved out by the time that she went to the game "with a friend," but still felt the need to give him the heads up out of consideration. She then reiterates that the two had remained platonic, but eventually struck up a relationship that they showed off more publicly in 2016.

Read her series of tweets regarding her controversial interview quote below.

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