Jidenna is preparing to drop his debut album The Chief on Feb. 17. Today (Feb. 7), the 31-year-old artist shares the project's cover art along with a teaser video.

The album cover (which can be viewed above) features Jidenna resting his head on a lady friend's thigh while blowing smoke. Meanwhile, the 44-second teaser video consists of Jidenna visiting Nigeria, where he lived throughout some of his formative years. To say the least, Jidenna has a few fans out there. Jidenna's song "Long Live the Chief" soundtracks the brief clip.

In case you missed it, be sure to listen to Jidenna's most recent release, the Quavo-assisted "The Let Out." On the single, Jidenna shows off his rapping ability, spitting, “Now you looking at a man that’s on a mission/Blind sided cause your main don’t got no vision/Enemies tryin’ pack us in a prison/We gon pack up in that old Honda Civic."

In other Jidenna-related news, go back and peep his performance of the aforementioned  "Long Live the Chief" on 'The Daily Show.'

In 2015, Jidenna spoke with XXL for a Show And Prove interview. Prior to that, he sat down for a more extensive interview with XXL and spoke about wanting to create his own music genre.

"I want to create a whole different genre. The genre that I'm working on is called Swank," he said. "My biggest goal in hip-hop is to be the swankest man in hip-hop history and the swankest man alive. I already have the swankest DJ you've ever seen, Nana Kwabena Tuffour, who is also my co-producer. People compare me, though, and say, "This is the millennial version of André 3000." Those are big shoes to fill and that's an admirable position, but my goal is to redefine and create a new genre."

As aforementioned, you can check out the album teaser below via YouTube.

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