You would think on a track that features KeKe Palmer and Migos' Quavo, that Quavo would be the one who delivered the more gutter lyrics, but that's not the case.

On her newly released song "Wind Up," the actress and singer strips away all the kiddie talk, which she's done before but this time she sounds like a rapper.

"Check, check / Check, hold up, hold up, 1-2, motherf----- 2," she says at the beginning of the song.

Then later:

"I don't pull up, Uber came to get me / Flashbulbs everywhere, paparazzi sic me / I guess I owe everything home to my viddy / So tell 'em stop b----- and motherf------ listen," says KeKe in a rap cadence.

Then she brings out her vocal chops and sings about life before fame.

"All the way to California in the caravan / It was me and my mama, my motherf------ fam / From the gutter, gutter, so you mad 'cause I came up, b-----," she sings.

Afterwards, Quavo delivers a strong verse mixed with singing and rapping, before KeKe closes things out with the chorus.

You can listen to the new "Wind Up" cut below.

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