I’m a day late with this news, as yesterday was National Pizza Day, but since this pizza concoction isn’t available in America, yet, it’s kind of fitting I wait until the day after our “national” holiday since this is a worldly pizza.

Unilad did a story about KFC and Pizza Hut, both owned by the YUM! Brands, making a new pizza together. They’re calling it the “Gravy Supreme”.

Check it out, from Unilad:

The new creation is in celebration of National Pizza Day today, February 9, and it consists of: a Pizza Hut base with a cheesy bites crust, KFC gravy (instead of tomato sauce), popcorn chicken, sweet corn, mozzarella, and garlic sprinkles.


Of course, the Prop 1 supporting side of me says, yes please, but I have to admit, it really does sound like a good pizza.  Don’t get too excited for this unless you’re going to try to make it yourself, because the  “Gravy Supreme” is being tested in the UK at just a few Pizza Hut and KFC locations according to the Unilad story.

Hopefully, it will test well, and soon we’ll be having our fried chicken pizza.


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