Fresh from his stellar performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Khalid released the remix to his melodic ballad, “Location,” which features Lil Wayne and Kehlani.

Although Weezy has been M.I.A. from the music game, due to his legal issues with Birdman, he is refreshingly sharp as he delivers sexualized rhymes to Khalid’s remix.

“I meet you at the spot, send the location / I don't do this a lot, special occasion / I know you ain't a thottie, you ain't no basic / I turn your dry spot to an oasis / I kiss the right spots, I know all the places,” he raps.

Meanwhile, Kehlani brings femininity to the song with her tender verses as she affectionately yearns for her boo to come over to her location.

“I don't really care about rules / I just really care about you / I'm enjoying' starin' into / Your eyes when I'm all in it with you,” she coos.

Khalid is having a phenomenal year so far, and he's just getting started. The 18-year-old Texas native's debut album, American Teen premiered at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 this week. Khalid said there's more music coming in 2017.

“It’s crazy to think that I got to release a debut album,” he told MTV News. “My first album. There’s gonna be many more. There’s gonna be so much new music coming in 2017. It’s looking like a really good year for me.”

We think so too.

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