Meek Mill can’t seem to let go of Nicki Minaj. The Philadelphia rapper went on his Instagram and accused the Queen Barbz of paying blogs to discredit him. Really?

In the tweet above (which was copied from gossip blog Baller Alert), Meek wrote a long missive dissing Minaj along with Karen Civil after Baller Alert posted a promotional club appearance he's hosting.

“Y’all be hating with y’all corny ass captions … this a club and I’m not performing I’m just letting the 2300 people that came to club hear me...," he writes.

“Y’all bum ass internet hoes being paid by Nicki lol to try to Discredit my name @karencivil @balleralert,” he added. “My sister tryna catch up wit y’all cornball ass b*tches...this my last time speaking on y’all miserable ass clowns.”

Meek also aimed his vitriol at Karen Civil, who once dated a Dreamchasers member named Deen, according to BOSSIP. “Karen I got the tape of ya corny ass saying Nicki paying y’all for this geek s---," he writes.

We still have no clue as to why Meek is so mad. The Philly rhymer needs to just close the book on Nicki Minaj and move on with his life. We are just saying.

Also, Meek was recently charged with misdemeanor assault following a scuffle in St. Louis International Airport. Although he wasn't arrested, it could still be a violation of his probation, making jail time a possibility. So Meek has plenty of things to worry about than gossip blogs.

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