Is Kid Rock seriously going to run for US Senate in 2018?  That's the question that's been flying around the internet since yesterday.  The Michigan native rocker seems to be considering a run for office after a few tweets from his official twitter.

The possibility that Kid Rock would run as a Republican against the Democratic incumbent, Debbie Stabenow is not new.  Earlier this year the idea was being tossed around by a Michigan Republican convention delegate.

Kid Rock posted a couple of tweets yesterday afternoon that declared that he was going to "have a major announcement in the near future" and then moments later he tweeted a photo of a Kid Rock for US Senate yard sign along with a link to a possible campaign website.

According to a reddit user, Kid Rock's Political stances would include:

  • Trying different things.
  • Smoking funny things.
  • Making love out by the lake to our favorite songs.
  • Drinking whiskey out the bottle.
  • Not thinking bout tomorrow.
  • Singing sweet home Alabama all Summer long.

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