For the past several weeks while he’s been on tour, Lil Wayne has been telling audiences that he’s part of Jay Z’s powerhouse brand Roc Nation. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, many believed that Weezy is down with the Roc. Not quite.

In a 20-minute interview with Skip Bayless on Fox Sports’ Undisputed program, Wayne comes clean about his association with Roc Nation. Apparently, the New Orleans rapper is not signed with Roc Nation as of yet. However, Jay Z has been lending moral support to Wayne as he continues his legal battle with Birdman (he has a lawsuit pending against Cash Money for over $50 million in unpaid royalties).

Wayne said Jay has been in close contact with him and wants him to resolve his legal issues and get back to making music.

“Jay is just a good guy. It was nothing but a simple thing," he said. "Friend to friend, I just want to help you. Simply. That’s all it was. I just want to help you, man, in any way I can. Right now, he’s just gonna help me in any way he can.”

Wayne added that his court battle with Birdman is far from over and has no idea of when a resolution will happen. “We’re still working on that. That’s a situation," he stated. "But [Jay Z] is just a good guy and he just wants to help me. That’s it. He’s gonna be helping me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wayne gave his thoughts on the state of hip-hop. “I like where the music’s going,” he said. “I can’t relate to it a lot because I’m working on my own stuff."

"I’m listening to your stuff a little too late. So I don’t deny your wave, if you’re an artist and you have a movement, I don’t deny that," he continued. "It’s just that I caught on a little too late so I don’t even understand it. So I just stick to my own music.”

Watch Lil Wayne's full Undisputed interview in its entirety above.

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